The modern approach to wedding ceremonies

Music makes a huge difference to traditional ceremonies. From creating a therapeutic ambience during early morning starts, through to the lively energetic ambience needed during photography.

Wedding ceremonies have changed immensely over the past 10 years we have been operating for. We understand the time strains, change in religious beliefs, variety of music required and the need to keep your guests entertained. At Vishal Joshi Weddings, we acknowledge the change and our musical specialists will select and recommend specific music to make each moment meaningful whilst adjusting to your requirements.

Our Main Services Include:

- Providing expert musical guidance throughout the day for each specific ceremony.
- Working with ANY priest you opt for to conduct your ceremony. We will liaise and support them and provide them with a cordless or headset microphone controlled by ourselves.
- Assistance and guidance with your itinerary.
- Hosting your photography session from start to end.
- A neat, minimalistic and discreet set up hiding and taping down all wires. We are also able to cater for outdoor and international weddings.
- A musical library that boasts rare ambience music, specific ceremonial music, rare instrumentals, saxophone,violin and acoustic covers, classic and recent bollywood music, pakistani qawwali gems, Nasheeds and much more.
- Providing additional sound systems in case you choose to have a seperate dining hall with a bespoke playlist.
- Providing music for your civil ceremony.
- Creating customised studio mixes for your entrance/exit songs.

For more information feel free to contact our team using the form below or check the FAQ section.


- Over 10 years in the professional wedding circuit has allowed us to witness the evolution of modern weddings. Our music library consists of rare international fusion music pieces, traditional instruments such as the sitar, sarangi and santoor as well popular and classic bollywood hits.

- We will not only select specific music and offer you expert advice, we will also host your wedding, making key announcements as and when you require. Our approach is personal and focused.

- Our DJ’s have a range of experience, are fully professional, are respect and understanding of other cultures.

- We will be musically guiding you throughout your journey, from the start of your wedding through till the vidai/rukhsati with the hosting and music to tailor your requirements.

- We will collaborate with your chosen priest(s) and provide them with a microphone.

- Weddings can be rather overwhelming, which is why we simplify it with the key segments and provide you with a music structure and choice.

- Music flowing through the ceremony will create and set the ambience. If you require a silent ceremony, we have the perfect soothing combination of music to compliment the priest.

- From the moment guests walk in, until meal time, music plays a key part. It certainly disguises the 'awkward silence' created when you are trying to clip on the Mangalsutra or waiting for a member of family to approach the stage. We will play relevant songs during key moments (such as ring exchange, haar exchange).

- If you wish to have minimal music, we will play instrumentals to maintain a light atmosphere or background Nasheeds/acoustic covers.

- Whilst we usually take a minimalistic approach on the microphone, our host will be vital during photography sessions and food time to help stick with your itinerary. Our hosts will not interrupt the ceremony or priests.

- In some cases, you may need a multi-lingual host. Our friendly and versatile hosts can also make announcements in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu and Punjabi.

- If you require a dedicated host to interact with guests throughout the day and walk around with their microphone, we can also offer this service.

- We use the state of the art QSC K-Series speakers to project crystal clear sound.

- We will use Shure professional microphones to ensure vocal clarity.

- We also offer our clear unbranded white booth which contains a 42 inch TV screen if you wish to display your pre-wedding shoot images or your personal wedding logo. (See the gallery for images)

- Our set up will be discreet and clean to ensure the focus remains on you.

Whilst we can cater for most ceremonies, we have specialists in Hindu and Islamic ceremonies. Our DJ’s are experts in Pakistani, Bengali and Gujarati ceremonies.

- We have previously catered for ceremonies internationally such as Spain, Malta, France and India.

- We will ensure that we plan the wedding day from start to finish for you prior to the flight and match the music to your surroundings.

- We have several global contacts and are experienced to handle performing in different climates.

We will:

- Talk through each segment of your Wedding with you.
- Alter and suggest music for each ceremony based on your theme and personal traditions.
- Liaise with your priest before and during the ceremony to ensure the music flows in conjunction with it.
- Provide a headset or handheld microphone for the priest based on their preference.
- Provide specialist music for each key segment of the ceremony.
- Provide a recommended structure and tracklist bespoke for your event based on order of events.
- Be able to create Custom entrance music for you to make it unique to you. Please see the ‘customise your music’ section for more information.
- Host to make announcements and help with photography session to ensure it is time effective.

We will:

- Provide a cordless microphone for the imam to recite verses.

- Create a bespoke playlist to suit your requirements and reflect your views and beliefs.

- Provide a huge selection of instrumentals, acoustic based music, qawwalis and Nasheeds.

- Include the services of a Host to make key announcements and ensure the itinerary is adhered to.

- Offer the services of a specialist host who can speak fluent urdu/hindi and interact with your guests.


“Professional, courteous and incredible music:

Dj Vish simply put was a legend and made our reception really magical with some bad boy tunes. He kept the dance floor rocking all night long with some of the most incredible set ranging from Bollywood, RnB, HipHop and of course house music.

His set was so incredible; nobody wanted to stop the party and continued with an epic after party, which lasted until 4am. Make your wedding day memorable and book DJ Vish. The wow package will make your day spectacular and is so worth it! Thank you Musical movements & Vish for being a joy to work with and making my reception legendary.”

- Shamil and Sejal

“Dear Vish, Thank you so much for making our big day that bit special.

From our very first meeting you completely got our vision for the Indian wedding ceremony and the whole process was completely effortless. You spent an inordinate amount of time with us just to ensure that there wasn't a single hitch. You were so unbelievably professional and we couldn't have asked for a better DJ for our big moment.

We are extremely grateful for everything you did for us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

- Lots of love, Rakhee and Mihir Vithlani

“It was a real pleasure having Mr Vish with us at our wedding in July. Not only is he an amazing DJ, he is also so wonderfully friendly that we felt completely as ease with him in charge of the music during our ceremony and dance reception. The songs he played were perfectly timed and so well chosen, he was able to mobilise a large group of people, many of whom were totally unfamiliar with Indian music, in 40 degrees heat!

Thank you Mr Vish and Musical Movements for the memories!!”

- Antonia & Nickyl Raithatha

“Big thank you to our DJ Vish. An amazing DJ from start to finish!! He was spot with Naatheswaram music for our Tamil Hindu wedding that guests thought it was better than a live band! For the reception- what can we say other than in the second the dance floor opened up, it was rammed right til the end of the event. Vish you were just amazing! We loved you and our guests loved you. Our wedding will be remembered for the beautiful ceremony and party you helped to create!

Love and thanks!”

- Reshmee and Biman (Addington palace)

Customise your music

Your uninterupted mix will be customised and mastered for the following occasions.

Simply submit your enquiry below, once your mix is agreed, an invoice is emailed to you. Once the payment is made, the mix is recorded with the option of additional edits (please see terms and conditions):

Have trouble deciding what song to select? We can fuse two or more songs to help create an unexpected twist during the all important First Dance. We will advise and direct you from start to finish. (up to 10 minutes)

Costing - £29.75

Whether you require a medley of songs mixed and timed perfectly for the entire family to walk in to, or you wish to customise your own entrance for the ceremony or reception, this can be done. (up to 10 minutes)

Costing - £29.75

We can form a playlist with you and create an uninterupted mix of up to 60 mins. You may require a mix cd to use as a wedding favour or simply to use prior to use for background music at a pre-wedding to help create that party atmosphere. This would be perfect for you whatever genre you opt for, we will source the music and create the mix as and how you want it.

Costing - £49.50

We can design and print customised unbranded CD's for your guests to enjoy at additional cost. Simply mention your quantity and requirements in your enquiry.

A total of strictly two additional edit requests allowed per mix.
Any suggestions made by our professional dj are based on music tempos and suitability to mix.
Initial mix is only to be made once the FULL fee is paid.
The fee is paid in agreement that it is non-refundable once the additional two edit requests are made.

Customise your music




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